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VolleyNation strives to make each division uniform for the level of talent registered to it, but one of the joys of sports is everyone is at different levels of talent and we strive to play better than other teams.  That being said, nobody likes sandbaggers.

This page has descriptions and video examples to help you register for the appropriate division based on your level of play.  We currently offer three divisions: B, A, and AA.  Many have asked about including a BB division which is being considered, but is dependent on the number of teams playing at each event and field space available.  If BB division is created, we want to make sure the quality of each tournament is maintained and provide a fun competitive event for all divisions.


B Division

Players in the B division are weekend warriors or novices to the sport of volleyball.  This division is recommended for newer players, players who have not played in quite a while, or developing players still advancing through the basics of the sport.


A Division

Players in the A division are intermediate players, typically who have played at the collegiate level, particularly collegiate club volleyball.  This division is recommended for players who are skilled at volleyball.


AA Division

Players in the AA division are playing in the highest division level offered.  Typically AA players have played highly competitive collegiate volleyball.  This division is recommended for players who are experts and looking to play against the best talent.

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